Water filtration & treatment   
   We service and sell most brands and types of water treatment equipment.
  Water testing.  It all starts with a lab water analysis . Find out what is in the water that’s objectionable and I’ll tell you how to filter it out. Call for a list of Calif State approved labs for testing. 

    We work with labs, manufacturers and top professional Water Resource Civil Engineers to design and build  the right water treatment system .   Residential or community water systems. 

Ozone tank systems - we stock ,service and sell  all ozone equipment . We are a Triple O Ozone  dealer.    
Water softeners .  we service and sell all water softeners.
cartridge filters; big, small,  we got them all. Sediment, dirt, taste, odor.
Iron and Manganese filters.  We have the best sand mixed medias .
Reverse osmosis;  wether its for drinking water or for the whole house.
UV light sterilizers;  we service all brands, lamp replacements, testing.



Whole house  reverse osmosis system for salt removal

multi stage cartridge system for iron removal.