7 reasons to clean your water storage tank

All the dirt and sediment in your well, spring or creek  water falls to the bottom of the tank,  this builds up over time and is a  breeding ground for bacteria .
The E.P.A. recommends cleaning your water tank every year. Approved and recommended  by the San Mateo County Environmental Health Dept.
Water tanks are the most neglected part of a water system, often not cleaned for years.
The old way was to drain the tank , get inside and scrub it down. Now we leave the tank full , vacuum from the outside, use about 2’0” of water  so you never run out .
Our equipment is portable so we can get to any tank location .
Most people are amazed at the sludge and muck that comes out of their water tank the first time.
A clean water tank puts less strain on other filtration 

Muck and sludge being pumped from the bottom of a tank


Water   Tank Vacuum           Cleaning

Call 879-1526

Call 879-1526

Our water tank power vacuum cleaner will clean out your water tank in just a couple hours , it’s portable, go anywhere, any tank up to 12’0”  high, and any diameter.